What is Color Filter

It would be a lot of fun and pretty easy to use the color filters combined with all your lights. When you want a color performed other than the original from the lights, just attach the Britek Barndoor Filter or Head Filter Set on it, depending on the purpose.

With film cameras filters have traditionally been used to modify both the spectral content (color) and intensity of light, as well as generating special effects like soft focus. Digital cameras operate somewhat differently with respect to color though. Color modification can easily be done "in camera", and that's what you're doing when you set white balance. So while for film warming and cooling filters or filters which convert fluorescent light to look like daylight, may be required, digital can achieve the same effects by internal manipulation of the digital data.

You might know that color filters for your strobes light will add a whole new dimension to your creative. Just imagine the possibilities as you are able to change the color of your lights casting mood and atmosphere into everyday scenes. Color filters can be placed directly on the head units or combined with barn doors for further versatility.

Color filters could be used to change the color temperature performed or the tone displayed. If you want to change the white skirt to a vintage color for the lady, it is much easier than CLICK-MOUSE working in Photoshop. All you have to do is just add a yellow filter to the light. Use head set for strobes and barndoors for others.

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